Touch Paint

Touch Paint 4.1

Touch Paint is an app to draw pictures with fingers

Though initially developed and thus advertised as a tool to paint with your fingers, Touch Paint offers a wider range of possibilities. You can also use your mouse to write and paint with this tool, and you can use this app as a virtual whiteboard or marker board that you can use during presentations or even in the classroom. The possibilities are endless.

Initially, Touch Paint looks like a simple and straightforward whiteboard where you can use your fingers (as many as you wish at a time) to create nice simple drawings or to write messages to your mum. But this is not just a tool that children will surely enjoy using – this can be used by anyone as a true marker board that needs no marker to work. If your computer is not equipped with a touch-screen monitor, you can always use your mouse or your pen tablet. You can handwrite directly onto it or you can draw simple graphs to make your presentation more visually attractive. You can wipe any object on the screen using the eraser, correct any mistake by making your brush to move backwards, or simply open a new screen to start anew.

You can change the size of the brush and combine lines and drawings with various thickness, and use the program’s palette to give a splash of color to your presentations or to highlight those elements that will help you make your point. The palette is customizable, and you can add and create as many new colors as you need. Everything you paint or write on it can be exported as a PNG file for later use. Likewise, you can use existing PNG or JPG image files as a basis for your drawing by importing it into the canvas.

Touch Paint is clean, simple, and straightforward. And it is open source. It works as a stand-alone application or as an online tool that requires no installation and that is always available on the Web. It can be used with touch screens or with standard monitors and a mouse, and regardless of what it was first conceived for, there is no limit to the things you can do with a white canvas.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple functionality
  • Suitable for all children
  • Mouse support
  • Can be used as a whiteboard during presentations


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